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Little baby foster kitties Part II

Last week I posted about Ann’s foster Kaynine and her litter of nine. I went to visit them again this week and will continue to do so a few  more times in the coming weeks until the babies are weaned and ready to go to their forever homes. For those friends of RAPS who haven’t been able to meet this adorable foster family (and for those who have but can’t get enough baby pics), I’ll be doing a short series of posts to document their rapid growth and development.

With just a week between visits, they’re already a lot more active and interested in their surroundings. Eyes were already open last week, but this week they seem to be getting just a little bit better at processing some of the information coming in.

They’ve already gotten pretty good at clambering (all the practice climbing over mom), but Ann’s now put down a nice, soft blanket so they can start using those little legs for some supervised walking/stumbling around.

It’s amazing how much more cat-like they look after just a week.

… and how much more cat-like they act. Vincent and Ayako came along to join in the kitten feeding and socializing effort. The kittens were delighted and Vincent’s charge expressed its happiness in true cat fashion by happily digging in its tiny little claws. I didn’t get a picture, but Ayako later captured the moment in one of her wonderful kitty sketches.

cartoon by Ayako
(click on the picture to see a larger image)

Mostly, though, the kittens still look like the tiny, fragile babies that they are, in much need of looking after by cat mom and foster mom alike.