Cat Sanctuary

Larry (II)

Larry (aka Limping Larry, aka Orange Larry) was trapped and bought to RAPS in 2004 along with a semi-feral named Socks.

Thought to be around 4 years old at the time, Larry was one of several strays being fed by neighbors in the area where he was found. He and Socks did not get along at the time, but, since they were trapped together and the shelter was short of space when they arrived, they were obliged to share a cage. Fortunately, the shared experience of being in a strange new environment gave them both enough to think about that they didn’t get around to fighting each other.

Larry’s had a few names since he came to us. When he first arrived, he had a limp that earned him the name “Limping Larry.” The limp went away, but staff and volunteers still needed a way to differentiate him from our black & white Larry. And so you may still hear the “Limping” prefix from time to time. For those concerned about calling him by a no longer descriptively accurate name, “Orange Larry” has come into use. I don’t think Larry himself minds too much either way. After all, he knows exactly who he is.

photo by Barbara