Cat Sanctuary

Kilby (Kilmer)

Kilby arrived at RAPS with the name Killer and this fabulous studded collar.

When staff saw what a nice cat he was, though, they decided to tweak his name a bit to give him a gentler, friendlier sounding one to go with his personality.

Kilby has been through quite a lot. He suffered some broken bones, then had megacolon, then went from chronic constipation to having terrible diarrhea. It seems to have been the last thing that became more than his owner could handle. And so Kilby came to live at the sanctuary. Staff put him on a temporary raw food diet to help treat the diarrhea, and he already seems to be improving.

Even having gone through all of this, Kilby is happy to get to know us and quick to accept pats and chin tickles. It doesn’t take much at all to get him flopped on his side, kneading the air with his paws and purring away. The one thing he does not like is the flash from a camera, which I unfortunately discovered seconds after I took the photo below. That he was so frightened by the sudden bright light leads us to suspect his broken bones may have come from being hit by a car.

It took Kilby a little while to forgive me for scaring him, but within the hour we were back to rubs and purrs.

Update January 15, 2013: It looks like this little guy’s had another name change, with staff finally settling on Kilmer.