Cat Sanctuary


photo provided by RAPS

Long time sanctuary resident Kenny came to RAPS in 2003.

One of a group of feral adults and kittens living under a bridge in Ladner, Kenny (along with another cat in the group called Emily) was named by RAPS in honor of the couple who’d been feeding and looking out for the colony. The couple themselves had called him Laddy. They trapped the cats and RAPS agreed to take them.

Initially wild as you’d expect a feral adult to be, Kenny had a chance to get more used to up-close human contact when he was brought inside for a dental. What he found easiest to get used to was being given all sorts of nice food. This, he liked.

photo by Barbara

Then Janice befriended him and was able to start him thinking that being picked up could be rather nice. And so he began to come to others wanting to be fed and to Janice wanting to be picked up.

Since then, he’s lost first one and then the other of the big fangs that were such a prominent feature of early photos of him, but he does not appear to have let this cramp his style. He doesn’t even take offense at Ann’s nickname for him of “Kenny No Fang.”
Too busy being friendly, I guess. Yes, this boy has turned into quite the people lover.

Updated October 17, 2011:¬†Kenny left us on Saturday night, passing away quietly in his sleep. Sad as it is to know we won’t be seeing him around anymore, if you’ve got to go, this has got to be the gentlest, nicest way to do it.