Cat Sanctuary


Jumper and his sisters are the offspring of a feral mom. They were fostered as kittens by longtime volunteers Barb and Waldi.

Jumper apparently likes to hang out on top of the cages in the corner, so I didn’t get to meet him until this week when he happened to be trying out a couple of different cat beds located at a more pettable height in another building. He was so immediately responsive and friendly that I was amazed I hadn’t met him before.

He’s one of those cats who put the ‘active’ in ‘interactive’ while they cuddle, which meant I got lots of rubs and kisses but not so many portrait quality photos. He’s also the type who can get so involved in licking fingers that he starts to bite them, but never mind — he doesn’t do it hard. Love bites are the one kind of cat bite that I don’t mind.