Cat Sanctuary


Jughead came to RAPS as an adult after being found near a hotel a few years ago. When the poor guy arrived, he had a number of wounds on his head and was missing fur there. He got his name when someone likened his appearance to the character Jughead Jones from Archie Comics. The fur grew back, but the name stuck.

When I met this friendly boy, he was a resident of the singlewide who’d managed to wrangle for himself special indoor/outdoor privileges between his building and the front yard. He’s recently been moved to the doublewide where he can enjoy much freer come-&-go access to the outdoors via the back yard.

Jughead & friends hanging out in the singlewide photo by Barbara

Jughead has thus far been passed over for adoption, but through no fault of his own. As I’ve written before, black cats in general get chosen less frequently. Also, since he’s accepting of his life at the sanctuary, he’s not been pushed forward as a candidate like we would for a less content inmate, er, resident like Tugboat. But that’s not to say Jughead wouldn’t enjoy life in a forever home of his own. With his love of the outdoors, though, it may be hard to keep him inside unless there’s some little enclosed place he can go to feel the sun on his fur and the wind through his whiskers.