Cat Sanctuary


I had another nice visit with Jazz tonight. He’s such a cuddly sweetheart of a cat that I had a hard time giving him a treat because he wouldn’t stop rubbing his face against the fingers holding the treat for long enough to eat the treat itself. Later, when I put my face close to his, he leaned in and rested his forehead against mine like Bandit used to do.

Cagemate Judy, however, remained in the screened off area behind a towel. She spat at me a couple of times, but when I flicked a treat in her general direction, she didn’t wait until I left before creeping forward to collect the offering. After that, she allowed me to take a few photos of her, flash and all, without seeming too bothered.

In the last shot, she seemed almost…. curious? Maybe this is another one of those shy newcomers who can be won over with a little love… and a little food.