Cat Sanctuary


Jellybean came to RAPS as a feral cat and for a long time didn’t want to have anything to do with humans. After losing a good deal of her sight, though, we became a bit harder to avoid.

Jellybean still manages to get around the doublewide, snoozing in various spots on shelves or high up on top of the cages. I first got to know her a little when Leslie asked me to start giving her a plate of her own at dinner time because it wasn’t as easy for her to go and get wet food from one of the big plates we put out. Jellybean accepted my food offering, but clearly wasn’t comfortable with any contact, so I didn’t push it.

It’s only fairly recently that I tried again to reach out and touch and discovered that Jellybean has gotten more comfortable with the idea. These days she often sits on top of the cages, and so if I want her to actually get more than a few bites of her individual serving of wet food before other cats move in and eat it right out from under her, I have to stand guard until she’s had her fill. This has led to experimental patting, stroking, and even a few forehead bonks. And before I knew it, we’d gone from Jellybean wanting nothing to do with me to Leslie calling her my new best friend.