Cat Sanctuary

It’s a Cat’s Life

In the middle of a somewhat stressful week for me, personally, I am grateful for the presence of cats in my life – particularly my own boy – and for the reminder of their calm ability to take themselves off for a snooze at any opportunity.

My own Scout – former RAPS cat (BC)

There is no better easer for blood-pressure than a quiet snuggle with a purring friend

Former feral SweetPea loves to be cuddled (LBF)

And with the warmer days, cats who have stayed indoors are increasingly venturing out in search of the sunshine.

Heatseekers – Guthrie, Emilio, Damara, Bodhi, Mitzi, Hickory (KN)

Some of them like to sleep solo…

Rollins (KN)

others would rather doze in tandem….

Baby & William (LBF)

or with a crowd.

Pen 6 group-snooze (LBF)

Some prefer to curl up in a container…

Ariel (KN)

others will sprawl out to gather or dissipate all the heat.

Jasper shows all (KN)

Carly Simon (DW)

Some achieve darkness with a face-plant

Christina Aguilera (GA)

others prefer to feel the warmth on their faces

Sweet old sunworshipper Tara (BC)

Every day is a holiday for our Sanctuary cats – a day to do lots of nothing, or to sleep, or to play – alone or in company, as they choose.

When we say “it’s a dog’s life”, the implication is one of sadness or difficulty – though as we all know, many dogs have lives that are anything but sad!  It’s a pity that there’s no such common phrase as “it’s a cat’s life” – meaning a life of comfort and ease.  We could all do with that sort of life!

(Minimal) Blog by Brigid Coult

Photos by Graham Akira, Lisa Brill-Friesen, Brigid Coult, Henrie Morgan, Karen Nicholson, Debbie Wolanski
Featured image: “Simon” by Henrie Morgan