Cat Sanctuary

In memory: Donni Derr

Anyone who’s been around the sanctuary on a Sunday afternoon will likely remember this lovely lady sitting in a comfy corner she’d set up, surrounded by a group of cats who looked like they couldn’t be happier. I came across her name more than a few times when researching posts for this blog, being told “Oh, that’s a Donni Derr cat” in response to my question about how a particular cat had found its way to the sanctuary.


Donni Derr and friends
photo provided by RAPS

Donni passed away last week, leaving us with a mixture of sadness that she’s no longer with us and fond memories of her and all she did.

From the RAPS Facebook page:

The RAPS Cat Sanctuary lost a dear friend with the passing of Donni Derr on Wednesday evening. Anyone who visited on Sunday afternoons would remember her entrance: “Happy Sunday….. how are all my goombahs,” to a waiting audience of at least 50 cats that would start looking for her about 1/2 hour before she arrived. She had the biggest fan club, who loved all the tuna, treats and catnip she would bring. She will be dearly missed by all her human and furry friends.

In lieu of flowers, her family suggests a donation to RAPS in her memory.