Cat Sanctuary

Hudson (II)

Hudson is another one of the group of tame cats who came to the sanctuary from the No. 5 Rd. shelter because there was not enough room there (MoeMay and Theo are a few others).

Hudson can come across as a bit shy if approached by a stranger too quickly and without adequate preamble, but don’t let him fool you: next time you turn around he’ll likely have turned into an upside-down wiggle-puss eager to get your attention.

Two weeks in a row he did the sidewalk wriggle for me. This evening it must have given him a case of the cat equivalent of the giggles, because once he’d had his fill of wriggling, he leaped up and started bounding goofily around the enclosure, pausing every now and then to see if I was still looking.

All in all a very nice, very entertaining boy!