Cat Sanctuary


Huckle, a petite black shorthair missing the tip of her left ear, came to RAPS around 5 years ago.

Previously, the little feral had been living under an elderly woman’s porch. When the woman had to move and would no longer be able to feed her, our volunteer webmaster at the time brought Huckle to live at the sanctuary.

Being a feral, Huckle was never particularly into being touched. Imagine Leslie’s surprise, then, when today Huckle accepted and enjoyed a lengthy cuddle. In hindsight, Leslie wondered if the smell of Tuna on her hands at the time might have had something to do with it… I say a breakthrough is a breakthrough.

Unfortunately no such breakthrough to be made tonight with photography… Huckle may have decided she may possibly be amendable to the odd tickle behind the ears, but she’s not quite graduated to showy posing.