Cat Sanctuary


Harvest was trapped as a feral kitten at one of the feeding sites that Debbie looks after. She thinks he’s likely related to Van Dyke and Kaslo.

Harvest, with pal Babylon in the background

Debbie remembers it taking a little while for Harvest to get comfortable with people, and notes that even now, he’s not one to push himself forward for attention… though he is quite willing to allow pets if he’s in the mood.

A good deal of credit for teaching Harvest to trust people after his arrival at the cat sanctuary has to go to Marianne, who made a point of spending time with him when he was new and still a “hissy little thing.”

“I felt sorry for him because he was all by himself, which is why I became interested in him. I can’t remember if he could be petted then but I fondly remember him curling up inside the crook of my arm when I laid my upper body inside his cage and talked to him. He’d lie there with his head resting on my forearm, purring and flexing his little paws, so it must have given him some comfort.”

She says she lost track of him for a while when he was moved to the singlewide trailer, but was pleased to learn later that others were finding him friendly too.

Since moving to the singlewide, Harvest has found a very dear friend of the four-legged variety in Babylon. The two are quite inseparable.