Cat Sanctuary


In the summer of 2010, RAPS received a call from a dockyard with a request to come and trap a feral mom and her four kittens. The family was brought to the sanctuary, with the mom given the name Grace and her kittens being called Yale, Saffron, Gabriel and Ash.

The man who’d called RAPS to take the cats away didn’t just put them out of his mind as soon as they’d gone. He even paid a visit to the sanctuary, where he was relieved to see that they were being well cared for and that the move had not resulted in the family being split up.

Grace and her now grown kittens still all live together in the singlewide, though the kittens are much more independent these days than when they were small and scared.

Grace herself is quite a beauty…. or at least I think she is. She’s still very much a feral and feels a strong need to hide up on the shelving by the ceiling of the enclosed porch behind the singlewide. Even looking at her for more than a second or two can set her to flight.

Hopefully, when she’s observed us for long enough from her safe perch, she’ll realize we wouldn’t harm her for the world. And maybe someday she’ll even follow the example of her young ones and consider liking us.

Look for blog posts this week and next on the rest of the family.