Cat Sanctuary


Georgina came to RAPS as a feral mom with kittens and was fostered by Mary Pritchard, one of our original volunteers. The name Georgina was inspired by the Gulf of Georgia Cannery in Steveston.

I came across Georgina in the back courtyard of the sanctuary last week, but she quickly let me know she wasn’t entirely comfortable with people by scooting away when I got too close.

I thought that would be the end of the encounter, but Georgina surprised me by stopping just out of range, flopping upside down, and wriggling around happily.

She still wasn’t interested in being touched, though, and scooted off again when I moved too close. We ended up doing this a number of times, with Georgina seeming to enjoy the attention and even waiting for me to catch up if she moved too far ahead of me, but never allowing me close enough to actually stroke her.

Leslie remembers that when Georgina was in a cage, she would hide behind her drape. Leslie tried reaching in and patting her, and Georgina started to really enjoy it.

Georgina never really got fully tame, but is starting to let people get closer. Maybe soon we’ll be able to take this pretty kitty up on that tail-in-the-air invitation to give her back a nice gentle stroke. Perhaps someone has already had success with this…?