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There are so many great personalities among the cats who came to us from Alberta and started in Pen 3. Originally, they were penned while we assessed if these were to be potential adoptables and would need work from the Kitty Comforters. It rapidly became obvious that these guys, for the most part, were not lacking in confidence, and repeated jail-breaks led to the permanent opening of Pen 3.

Finneas Early Days

Early days in Pen 3 (KN)

Finneas began with this colony, but while they were still closed down, he managed to injure his foot, which abscessed, and necessitated bringing him in for treatment. The poor boy was not a happy camper – not so much about the injury, but he hated being caged, and cried all the time. This in turn meant that both staff and volunteers spent more time sitting with him, and he became more and more comfortable with human contact. Now he divides his time between visiting in the DoubleWide and being out in the back gardens with his buddies.

Finneas in Courtyard

In the courtyard, initially staying at a distance (KN)

In the DoubleWide, he takes over an empty cage or a cat-tree, catches someone’s attention and flirts like crazy – purring, rubbing, rolling over – giving all the signs of a cat who really needs human contact. Out in the garden he is warier – hovering at arm’s length, doing the just-out-of-reach thing that cats are so good at. He will sniff at fingers, but takes a while to decide if he will allow any touch at all.  Half an hour later you’ll see him back in the building, and it’s all “Pet me! Touch me!” Every time I see him he is more confident about contact, and I’m sure that indoor behaviour will soon influence the outdoor interactions.

Finneas and Sherbet

Finneas with his pal Sherbet (KN)

He still visits with his Pen 3 buddies, but he’s no longer a permanent part of the clowder. Many of them tend to operate together – where you see Cornelius, you will also see Jason and Shimmer and Lucius. Some of them, like Scarlett, prefer to remain mostly in Pen 3, on safe territory; others, like Reinhardt, are solo wanderers. Finneas interacts with the others, but then returns to the DoubleWide, which seems to have become his own safe place. Because the group came in together, we’re not sure who’s related to who, but I suspect that he’s a brother of tubby Lucius; there’s something about the matching tabby faces, and they both have quite thick tails.

Pet Finneas

Come pet me NOW! (BC)

When the RAPS Adoption & Centre has found homes for all of the many kittens it has been housing, it will likely be some of these Pen 3 cats that will be transferred for potential adoption. Finneas would probably not have been on the original list, but he’s definitely a candidate now – as long as you find him in the right situation, he’s ready for any amount of love and attention. Someone is going to be lucky to have a new companion!


Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult & Karen Nicholson