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Finding Homes for Multiples

Some of the cats that come into our care at the Sanctuary are cats that don’t like other cats. At the Sanctuary, that’s actually not an issue – they can find space for themselves and avoid unnecessary encounters. And if that dislike results in peeing and marking – well, we can always do more laundry!


Occasionally they will do really well in a home if they are the Only Cat – where they can claim the territory for themselves and have all the attention of their human.  But when it comes to adopting out cats and kittens, we usually suggest that people adopt a pair – especially when it comes to kittens – or to match a new cat to the social nature of their existing cat.


Currently we have the situation of several bonded adult cats in our care, cats that we feel should be kept together if possible. These are cats who have a clear preference for each other’s company, and who we think would be unhappy to lose friend or sibling. All of them are very sweet cats, tame and sociable.


In the SingleWide are 7-year old brothers Whiskers and Jinx.  They were caged together initially, and when released they wandered freely in the area – not necessarily together – but they can often be found in company, and sharing the couch with a volunteer or visitor.

Whiskers specializes in “yoga sleeping” – AG

They’ve had an enforced separation recently, when Jinx had some necessary dental surgery and was caged to recover, so it will be interesting to watch the re-establishment of the bond. Whiskers regularly visits with his brother and talks through the cage door.

Kramer & Riker

Kramer is very regal!

In the DoubleWide are Kramer and Riker. Both boys had originally come from us, and were returned when there were family difficulties; Riker is about two years old and Kramer several years older.

Kramer is a big tabby boy, probably with some Maine Coon in him (though not the pointed ears!); he was very wary and reactive initially, but has calmed down a lot, and now solicits petting. A lot of his comfort, I think, derives from the company of his buddy Riker. Riker is also a tabby, but with a lot of reddish fur – he’s a very beautiful boy. He’s also probably got some ragdoll in his make-up – he just loves to be picked up and cuddled, and is happy to be held on his back and have his tummy rubbed.

Riker is more curious, and loves lap-time

Our DoubleWide cages are much larger than the ones in the Adoption Centre where the kittens are kept, but for two big boys, it’s still a bit cramped, so Riker and Kramer have a duplex – we cut a small panel between cages so they can choose where to be. Sometimes they’re in separate areas; sometimes they’re visiting together.  We’re reluctant to let them out with the other cats, because we don’t want them to get used to going outside; when RAPS adopts cats out, we require a commitment to keep them as indoor cats. We can also keep them safer from infections in a confined area. But we’d love to see the two of them go to a good home where they can roam the house.

The other duplex in the DoubleWide is the home of not two, but three large cats. Potsticker, Dumpling and their sister Purrito were dumped without any explanation. The three of them are beautiful healthy cats in good condition, so someone loved them, but we have no knowledge of their background. They love attention and petting – Potsticker is the attention hog – and though Dumpling was initially a bit reactive when he arrived, like Kramer, he has relaxed and taken comfort from his cage-mates.

Purrito – all the cuteness!


Finding an adopter for three big beautiful cats is not easy – thinking of taking two is feasible, but three…  But these three need to be together – so we keep looking for a situation where they can have room to explore and be at home, with lots of love and attention.

There are always lots of kittens looking for homes, and single adult cats – but it’s so much harder to find homes for multiples.


Blog by Brigid Coult
Featured image: Purrito and Potsticker
Photos by Brigid Coult & Akira Graham