Cat Sanctuary

Feline faces of Prince Charming

Volunteer Pauline Chin spent her Valentines Day being romanced by some feline charmers.

Leo – MW

Among the 400+ cats at the Sanctuary there are several males who have high regard for their looks and utilize a charming personality. What makes these cats into princes is that they know how to give off just the right amount of charm to pull people in without looking needy, or without losing their composure easily.  In the same way cat hair is attracted to clothes, people can’t help but be magnetized towards these gentlemen.

Lincoln – MW

The most well-known charmer is long-haired Lincoln.  As a long time resident, his gentle demeanor is offered to rookie volunteers to get cat-handling experience… without getting scratched.  Lincoln’s sultry eyes, medium length hair, and tabby markings entrance many.  He will pose for photos!  He often occupies the basket closest to the Double-Wide door so Sunday visitors can spot him immediately on entrance or exit.  Lincoln is very particular about being handsome.  If he’s not looking his best, he gets depressed and hides.

Whiskers – MW

Whiskers is rough around the edges, but welcomes attention.  He loves humans and is highly enthusiastic towards females.  Call his name and he’ll stand up from the papasan chair, awaiting affection.  He can be petted for a long time and is happy to pet you in return.  In warm weather, Whiskers enjoys following people around.  He likes it most when you’re seated, so he can give you head bonks.

Colin – MW

Colin tends to be overlooked because of his brown-black coloration.  He likes to be petted, brushed, have lap-time, and knead blankets.  He leans towards the company of older gentlemen (being one himself).  But, he’s content to sit next to quiet people.  Sometimes, he’ll stand tall on the table and nudge you for pets.  Colin gets so thrilled, he nearly slides off the table at times.  He loves posing for photos and being told he’s good-looking – anything that makes him feel handsome!

Leo – KN
Fluffy prince, Leonardo DiCatprio welcomes visitors to the Tea Room.  He flirts with leg rubs and lap-time (and mooching our food!)  He’s so attractive that most people just give him anything he wants.  When there’re many humans present, he will proudly walk on the tables to get attention.  You’ll feel like royalty if he chooses to settle on your lap.  Visitors don’t mind the white fluff he leaves on their clothes, either.
Kiefer – KN

Kiefer, in the Single-Wide, is a handsome panther who likes to invite company to the couch.  He’ll hover nearby and try to convince you to follow him.  While you’re on the couch, you’ll be joined by others from his circle, like Debo, Merren, and the curious-but-wary Bossanova.  Meepos and Mya will watch from above, so no need to worry about them bouncing off your head.  Kiefer will sit for a long time and will let you know if he wants physical touch or just someone to accompany him.

Buzz – BC

Buzz is a new arrival from Shuswap and has already charmed his way into our hearts.  Fluffy and cuddly are a winning combination.  It’s a huge treat to interact with a new cat and not worry about bleeding.  Buzz is happy to be petted all over.  You can give a little or a lot of affection and he’s delighted either way.  I’ve had him climb on me to get head bonks.  He’s going to have quite a fan club once he’s released.

Whiskers – MD

These cats all adore attention and enjoy returning it to humans.  They maximize their charms in unique ways and take pride in their appearance.  If you’ve never been charmed by a cat before, take a chance with one of these princes.

Blog by Pauline Chin
Photos by Melanie Draper, Karen Nicholson & Michele Wright