Cat Sanctuary

Fast Eddy

Fast Eddy insisted on introducing himself to me while I was trying to photograph another cat. Bumping my arm when I whenever I took aim, he wore an expression of “who me?” when I looked to see who the culprit was. Like many things in life, sometimes it’s easier to go with the flow so I changed my focus and aimed the camera at him. He seemed pleased with this decision.

Judging by his affectionate nature, Fast Eddy would make a wonderful house cat but unfortunately he had been surrendered to RAPS a few years back for the dreaded problem of innapropriate urination. He’s a confident cat who likes people but I noticed he could get a little tempermental with other cats trying to hone in on his people time by swatting them in the face as a reminder to wait their turn.

I was curious as to how Fast Eddy earned his name. I could certainly see how fast he was on the make with me, could that be it? Considering Fast Eddy’s very round shape I could also guess that he may be fast on the move toward a full plate of food. When I asked Ann about Fast Eddy, she rolled her eyes and said “Fat Eddy is more like it”  and yes indeed it looks as if he enjoys his Fancy Feast a little too well.


Update by Claire August 14, 2012:

Judy from RAPS, who provided a home to Fast Eddy before he came to live at the sanctuary, was kind enough to share a bit more of his story with us. Here’s what she had to say:

Fast Eddy was a stray in our neighbourhood. He would wander the street yowling and howling. I finally managed to trap hm and get him in for neutering and the necessary shots. I thought he would be an outside cat so I set about buying a small dog house and setting up a nice place where he could eat. He just didn’t seem like the kind of guy who would want to spend any time inside but I was wrong. My husband named him Fast Eddy because he could race in the back door in the blink of an eye. We would be in the kitchen and look down and there he was…..we’d say to each other “how did he get in here” and actually used to check to see if the screens had come off one of the windows.

Unfortunately he started urinating all over the house and Carol agreed to take him to the shelter. He still doesn’t like other cats much but has settled in pretty well. Marianne Moore has nicknamed him Roy Orbison because he can do that high pitched howl when he is annoyed either by another cat looking at him or someone trying to brush him or do anything he doesn’t think is a good idea. He’s turned into a bit of a character.