Cat Sanctuary

Eng Teng

Eng Teng came to RAPS together with Peng Peng.

The pair ended up at the sanctuary after spending the better part of a year in foster care while their original owner received treatment for an extended period of time.

According to Leslie it was “very stressful for the kitties to lose their home and friend, go to a stranger’s home (where there were other cats and dogs, and they had to be kept in a small room), and then be moved again to the sanctuary, where they were surrounded by cats and a lot of strange people.”

Unlike Peng Peng, who responded to the change with aggression and distrust, Eng Teng allowed her new human friends at RAPS to see her sweet side. Sadly, she went on to become very depressed and developed liver disease. “Fortunately,” says Leslie, “We were able to save her with intensive treatment and a lot of attention. She now seems quite comfortable in her new home.”