Cat Sanctuary

Encountering Figaro

This handsome boy with the distinctive markings has been with us about seven years, and has established himself as a central figure in the front courtyard.

…tucked away safely (MD)

He came from a Sunshine Coast shelter that had to close, and when he arrived he was wary and not ready to come for coaxing. Arm’s-length was tolerated, tossing treats was appreciated, but petting was not something he was ready for. What he did enjoy was the company of other cats.

Figaro and Reefer snuggle together (KN)

There were several others who came from the same place, and many of the older ones have now passed: Wickem, Gidget and HunnyBun all lived in the front courtyard;  old-lady SweetPea is still with us. She too is a semi-feral, but on the shyer end of the spectrum. Figaro’s friend Reefer likes to play, but he also is not much into being petted.

The favourite wall pose (MW)

Figaro, though, has become very social. He’s always been part of the Boys Club in the front area, and can be found with a variety of feline buddies, but he’s also settled to being handled by humans. He likes best to be up a level, and mooches shamelessly from the coping around the small trees, dancing in place to attract attention. He will hop up on the benches and beg for treats, occasionally settling in a lap, though he prefers to be snuggled beside the volunteer or visitor in question.

Playing “king” in the gazebo (KN)

He roams the whole front courtyard area, and may be found in any of the shelters, though recently I’ve been finding him with the papasan chair crowd at the top of the stairs. If there are handouts, Figaro will be out there – getting hyped on cat-nip, nibbling on cat-grass, chasing a rolling dental treat and playing with it before crunching down.

pensive… (KN)

Figaro is the perfect example of a cat that might be adoptable, but who is definitely happier where he is – feline friends, room to roam safely, treats and attention – but not ready to bond with anyone or to give up all the advantages of what I’m sure he feels is the ideal life at the Sanctuary.


Blog by Brigid Coult
Featured image: Figaro by Michele Wright
Photos by Melanie Draper, Karen Nicholson, Michele Wright