Cat Sanctuary


Tortie Emily came to RAPS in the autumn of 2003 as a young cat with kittens.

She started in the newcomers area, then moved to the first pen on the left in the back yard, where she lived for a long time. Gaye remembers often coming across her contentedly lying on the porch on a summer day.

photo by Barbara

According to Marianne, Emily wasn’t all that friendly with people in the early days, and she didn’t like other cats much either.

These days Emily still isn’t a fan of other cats, but she finds the idea of human contact much more appealing. Unfortunately, she still seems to be a bit confused about how to behave: headbutting and purring one moment, vigorously smacking the hand that pets a moment later, then just as quickly returning to rubs and more purrs. She’s so pretty, though, that even if on occasion she smacks a littler harder than she means to, it’s hard to stay mad at her for longer than it takes to apply a band-aid.