Cat Sanctuary


A loud and intense yowling demanded my attention when I walked into the Conner building last week.  The yowl was as hard to ignore as Booster’s forlorn meows in the double wide at dinner time and equally exasperating. The raspy cry conjured up images of a four-legged Bob Dillon.  The cat that belonged to this crooner, none other than Elliot, a handsome orange tabby peering at me earnestly from the doors of his cage.

Elliot had been adopted out of RAPS sanctuary for a couple of years but unfortunately was surrendered back to the sanctuary a while back.  I’m told he is known affectionately as “Vampire Boy” because at one point he had had an incredibly long set of fangs that actually extended out of his mouth. Those fangs have now been shaved down to a more civilized length, but the nickname remains.

Elliot is currently being treated for an eye infection which has forced the staff to keep him behind bars as he is a difficult cat to pin down for medications when on the loose.  Unable to ignore his pleas for attention I went into his cage to spend some time with him.  Elliot seemed very pleased to have some one on one focussed attention and bowled me over with more yowls, lots of cheek rubs, some head butts and even a love nip to the shoulder when I tried to leave.

As you can see, Elliot is another cat who is far too interested in people love to stand for much picture taking and I could barely get him to stay in one place long enough to get a picture of him without his face rushing at the camera.