Cat Sanctuary


Elaine is a cat I was introduced to by Leslie, one, if any of the people Elaine trusts enough to get close to. 

Elaine was one of a number of feral kittens brought to the shelter approximately one year ago.  She is extremely skittish and could barely stand to let me be in the same room with her, let alone take her picture or pet her.  The feral cats who come to the sanctuary all seem to adjust at their own rate, some take to people and their new home quite readily and some are much slower to adapt.  It seems that Elaine is taking her time though it is heartening hear that she is slowly coming around and has decided that Leslie is a person of interest due to the frequent smell of chicken on her hands and treats that appear at her fingertips.  Leslie tried to entice Elaine with some treats into the teen room where I eagerly waited, camera in hand but she never came through and remained outside in a heated nest with her friend and a watchful eye on me.


Elaine on right