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Easter Bunnies at the Sanctuary

For the past couple of weeks there has been discussion (at two meters apart) about which of our Sanctuary Cats might substitute for the Easter Bunny, since there was no knowing if Bunnying was an Essential Service.

Huey-bun – did someone say rabbits?

For the most part it came to a draw between two of our manxes – sweet Huey, and shy Cookie Mills. And then on Easter Day there were suddenly Easter Bunnies everywhere!

Cookie Mills-bun – do these ears make my bottom look fat?

Karen Nicholson began as a student volunteer, worked as summer intern, and is currently on the staff. And where Karen goes, her phone goes too, and there is a flow of wonderful photos.  She conveys the personalities, the quirks, the embarrassing moments, and the love.  You will see Karen’s work appear often in the Neko Blog, and on the principle that a picture is worth a thousand words, she contributes an enormous amount to the weekly offering.

Jodie-bun – we are NOT amused!

Cats don’t always appreciate dress-up – but as long as it is simple, many of them will tolerate it. Karen crocheted the rabbit ears, and it was often an easy job to drop them in place, fasten them, point, aim and shoot. A little treat box of dried chicken was often the best incentive.

Tigger-bun – a dignified senior gentleman – but willing to cooperate

The Easter bunny-cats appeared in the staff/volunteer group on Facebook, but for all our blog readers who don’t see that, here are a few of the invading rabbit horde…

Leo-bun – I can be a bunny just as long as I don’t have to DO anything
Skittles-bun – make sure you get my good side…
Parker-bun – now you have to get it off without shedding blood
– yours, that is…
Fido-bun – well, OK – if there’s chicken afterwards…
Ruff-bun – the last time I saw a bunny, I wanted to eat it.
Lindor-bun – where’s the chocolate?
Baxter-bun – bunnies like tummy-rubs too!
Princess Diva-bun – this is really beneath my dignity…
Darius bun – I quite like the attention!
…and the green stuff that bunnies eat!

Thanks for the smiles, Karen – and thanks to all those Oh-so-tolerant cats!
Happy Easter, everyone!

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ALL the pictures by Karen Nicholson!