Cat Sanctuary


I’ve always been a sucker for a lap cat and really, who isn’t? So I was very happy to meet a sweet old cat named Dirky on my arrival to the sanctuary last week.

Dirky was sunning himself in the front courtyard when I first spotted him. He made eyes at me and seemed interested in making acquaintances. Patient but not pushy, Dirky waited until I settled myself on a chair before jumping in my lap and promptly curling up for some cuddle time. A confident yet gentle cat, he enjoyed a firm neck and shoulder massage at my hand. If I wanted to ever get up from that chair he made it clear that I would have to be the one to break us up.

You can recognize Dirky by his very distinctive look. He’s all white with a splotch of grey behind his right ear and a grey tail. As you see with many white cats, his eyes have a red rim around them which makes it look as if he’d been up half the night crying.

Dirky doesn’t have much to cry about though. He seems to have adjusted to life at the sanctuary well. He was brought to the shelter as a kitten by Gaye – one of the staff at the sanctuary and his namesake – along with his mother and two siblings 12 years ago. Knowing no other life, he seems quite relaxed and content at the sanctuary cruising around to see what good eats are available and who’s lap he might hijack next.