Cat Sanctuary

Dillon & Charles

A pair of fresh new faces have arrived in the quiet corner of Val Jones.  And boy, are they friendly!


Stray Dillon was released soon after arrival.  He loves lap time, face scritches, and snacks.  He seems too well-acquainted with humans for a normal stray.  I surmise he used to live with a loving senior and somehow ended up outside when his person crossed the bridge without him.  For an attention-hungry cat, he’s surprisingly well-mannered.  He won’t yell, shove others away, or grab your pant leg with claws.  He’s watchful and hopes you’ll give him something.  He has this quiet gratitude, but also looks a bit sad if you gift something to someone else and not him.


Dillon sports big, chubby cheeks, short black fur with white flecks, and pale greenish eyes.  He’s in pretty good condition physically, mentally and emotionally, so he must have spent no more than 2-3 seasons outside.  He has a cheerful disposition and shows no signs of missing his previous human.  A typical stray usually has tattered ears, bad teeth, and a wary mentality of humans.  They’ll also fight for food and could care less for attention.  Dillon is none of the above.

Dillon  (KN)

It’s worth noting Dillon is not a fan of the cold.  He chooses the cage tops not to stare down at the funny-looking, furless, 2-legged creatures, but to avoid the chilly drafts from the doorways.

Charles – all fuzz!

Unlike Dillon, Charles enjoys being outside.  While everyone else is staying warm and dry, Charles insists on sitting by the gate in the cold rain and wind.  His massive, fluffy black coat gives him excellent insulation.  Either that or he’s oblivious to the soggy weather.  He’s going to need a lot of brushing to maintain all that fuzz.  If he were to sit out during a snowfall, he would look like a Christmas tree.

longing to get out and be social

Once the weather thaws out, I can see him competing for attention with Gizmo and Jim.  First to the gate gets the human!  It’s enough motivation for him to use the cat door.  He fits right in with the VJ corner gang and is sure to get a human fan club.

Dillon & Charles

Charles is enthusiastic for playtime.  He may be middle-aged 11, but he grabs ahold of every toy presented to him.  He has a collection in his cage.  He’s pulverized catnip pillows and shredded his scratchboard, evidenced by the deep welts and cardboard bits.  While I was playing with Dillon, Charles poked a paw through the cage cover and grabbed the wand in a single shot.  Even Dillon looked stunned.


When he’s expecting pets, he does the hop greet, just like Cricket.  He might reach up and treat you to a hug, too.  It’s clear he was a darling to the people he lived with who unfortunately had to surrender him.

Dillon & Charles – double-blep

These 2 cats obviously received an abundance of love and care during their early years and most of (if not all) their lives.  It’s not often we receive such amiable felines that don’t need socialization from square one.  The only downside to extra friendly and playful cats is they often get adopted quickly.  If they weren’t FIV+, we probably wouldn’t have had a chance to meet them.  Since they are here, we get to enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor.  Let’s continue that circle by sharing affection with other cats who didn’t have the fortune of thriving in loving homes.

STOP PRESS: as we hit “Publish” on this, we discover that Charles has gone into fosterage; apparently he needs some dietary care that is better delivered in a quiet home, since we don’t wish to keep him in a cage for too long. He may return to the Val Jones corner at some stage, or perhaps fosterage may lead to something more permanent – who knows? Best of luck, Charles!


Blog by Pauline Chin
Photos by Pauline Chin & Karen Nicholson