Cat Sanctuary


photo by Michele

Diamond came in as one of several feral kittens in 2006. Since the litter was wild, they stayed at the cat sanctuary rather than being relocated to the RAPS No. 5 Rd. shelter. As you might have guessed, Diamond’s name was inspired by those neat diamond-shaped facial markings.

It’s taken a while, but Diamond is starting to get more comfortable around people. Not pick-up-and-cuddle comfortable, perhaps, but definitely at the stage of being curious about what we’re doing and willing to touch nose to finger tip.

From what Leslie tells me, it sounds like this is another one where some time in a cage here and there while some medical issue was checked out had the welcome side effect of giving a feral cat a chance to (i.e., obliging them to) get to know their human carers, and to realize that a) we’re not sooo scary, and b) we may produce small quantities of tasty chicken or tuna. Both good incentive for further interaction.