Cat Sanctuary

Da Vinci

Da Vinci came to the sanctuary last November as a feral who’d been trapped near the No. 5 Rd. shelter.

He lived in a cage in the doublewide for the first while, where he’d spend most of his time sitting on a low cat tree and making an effort to let us know how little he liked us. Released into the sanctuary population in the spring of 2011, he promptly ran to a corner of the enclosed back porch area of the doublewide and stayed there.

Fortunately, he’s now slowly starting to get more comfortable with people he knows. Ann, for example, tried approaching him with a back scratcher to see if he’d accept a few strokes and scratches with that. On the first few attempts, his response was to swat it right out of her hand. She persisted, though, and managed to get in there and give him a vigorous scratch… which he was surprised to discover he loved.

He still hangs out in his corner, but now lets Ann pat him. He hasn’t let me touch him yet, but no longer gets angry at me for trying.