Cat Sanctuary


This post started with a photo I snapped on Monday night:

Great-looking cat, wonderfully silly-looking pose. But who is it?
I contacted RAPS staff Lisa, Leslie and Debbie to discover the identity of this unknown (to me) kitty.

It turns out that his name is Cruiser. He was surrendered to RAPS when the couple who had owned him parted ways. They hoped to be able to take him back, but consensus over which person would take possession appeared to be lacking — a call from one person to arrange a pick up for their cat was followed a day later by a call from the other who also wanted to come and get their cat.

Not wanting Cruiser to be the victim of a battle between the estranged partners, RAPS decided that neither would be allowed to take him until it could be determined just who was the lawful owner…

As you can see, Cruiser is still with us.

I asked Phaedra, who’s a friend of his, to tell us a little about Cruiser. Here’s what she had to say:

“Cruiser has trained us well: he gets what he wants, goes where he wants and still manages to be invisible. Mostly because he doesn’t like a fuss or a crowd.

If he wants something, be it a cuddle or to be let in or out of the single, he will let you know. 

He’s a very good kitty.”