Cat Sanctuary


Leslie remembers Creamsicle and his sibings Tang and Rio as “3 of the wildest kittens we’ve ever had.”

“… hard to imagine now.” she adds.

Indeed, when I introduced myself to Creamsicle last month, he certainly didn’t act wild. He was still cautious at first, though, taking his time staring at me from a safe, just out of reach distance before rushing into any decisions regarding my friendship potential. I let him take his time, and my patience was rewarded with a willingness to try out a few pats followed by a cat dance of approval.

Phaedra describes Creamsicle as the least outgoing of his siblings when it comes to humans (he’s quite happy hanging out with his kitty friends), but recognizes he’s come a long way from being thought a hopeless feral who’d never learn to trust us. He may not come running for cuddles when she arrives in the mornings, but he’s overcome his shyness enough to allow some pets… particularly when there are treats to be had, which I hear he loves.