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Costumed Cats

The world is divided between people who LOVE Halloween and those who really couldn’t care less – and I think most cats fall in the latter category.

And of the first category, there is a small sub-section who are almost more keen at the prospect of dressing their pets up than of finding a costume of their own.

Leo in one of his more devilish moments

Some dogs really do seem to like it, but if you costume your cat, it needs to be done with caution, and for short periods only.

Tinker is used to wearing a sweater to stay warm –
but the skeleton sort of took over….

Google “Halloween costumes for cats”, and you’ll get an enormous array – most of which your cat will not appreciate.

Shadrack is not amused

Anything that bends the ears or gets in the way of the whiskers will not stay on for long.

Banshee & Domino had their dress-up moment before they were adopted

Sanctuary photographer Karen knows both which cats will or won’t tolerate dress-up, and how small a dress-up can be effective.

Floyd seems to like the frill!

She has found a collection of costumes that can be dropped over the cat very quickly; things that don’t involve putting paws through armholes or covering the whole head.

Lindor is one of those very big hairy spiders…

No whiskers were bent in the taking of these pictures, and some cats seemed to enjoy a moment of show-off – but for all of them, it was a very brief encounter with fancy wear.

Easy to see which costume Dell is more comfortable wearing!


Ruff enjoyed a variety of costumes!


Arrr, mateys – Capt’n Puffin and Capt’n Jack Sparrow

Slim made a wonderful spider


though the legs were a little tricky to manage…


Blog (such as it is!) by Brigid Coult
Photos (and costumes) by Karen Nicholson