Cat Sanctuary

Cookies ‘n Cream

Cookies ‘n Cream came to RAPS from the same place on No. 4 Rd. where we got ClooneyMolly and others.   He arrived with his black & white siblings Harmony, Bobby and Marley. Cookies ‘n Cream and his sister Harmony were so scared when they first came in that they cowered together in a crate in the large cage where the four had been put.

Harmony is sadly no longer with us. Cookies ‘n Cream is still on the timid side, but is a nice boy if you can get past his still-strong instinct to flee. Leslie’s found that he’ll let her pat him if she comes across him in a place where he can’t run off before he’s given her a chance to remind him she’s a friend.

With me, he seemed most at ease when I patted him through a barrier like the railing at the top of the stairs to the doublewide. He apparently felt more comfortable knowing that stroking couldn’t turn into grabbing.