Cat Sanctuary

“Coming out” update: Amber and Nelson

Seeing cats begin to come out of their shell is a wonderful thing. Here are progress reports on a couple of our formerly less gregarious kitties.


When we first met Amber back in June, she was an adorable, tiny little grey thing… who didn’t want to have anything to do with us. She was so frightened that she would just hide in her cat bed, her ears perpetually pinned back.

As she began to relax in her environment and get to know us, she slowly went from defensive hissing and spitting to curiosity. At first she would still hiss but allow us to stroke her in her bed, and then she began to cautiously climb out of her bed to receive visitors.

She’s now been released from her cage and, though still skittish and prone to hide under things, hasn’t forgotten that she enjoys having us stroke her. Approach her slowly and then let her decide if she wants to come within reach, and you may be treated to anything from showy cat dances to full upside-down wriggling and purring as you stroke her.

And those ears? Very much facing forward.



Nelson‘s problem wasn’t one of being scared, but simply being perpetually overlooked. And, as can happen with the more introverted cats, he’d gotten to a point where he’d given up on even asking for attention.

A little time in a cage this summer seems to have done him some good, as it made him more visible to people who might not have noticed him otherwise. With more people making a point of visiting and spending a little time with him, he began to think that maybe he did in fact deserve a little attention.

A little while after he’d been let out of the cage, Nelson surprised me by coming forward when he saw me and initiating a cuddle, which we both enjoyed. It’s great to see this boost in self-confidence! Now we just have to help him keep it up – everyone who went to visit him in his cage, please keep coming to see him now that he’s out.