Cat Sanctuary

Colin & Salty

Since he came to live at the sanctuary just over two years ago, Colin has become one of my favorite black cats. He always comes to greet me when I arrive in the doublewide to do the Monday evening feed and will reappear at intervals to rub and weave around my ankles.

I don’t have to worry about him being lonely when I (or any of the other humans he’s chosen as special friends) leave, because he’s come to love big purry Salty at least as much.

While Mario undoubtedly retains his crown as the sanctuary’s biggest romeo, Salty’s got a decent sized following of his own. Mario may be a big, strong, silent type with a sexy saunter, but Salty is more willing to be outgoing and interactive with his pals, engaging in enthusiastic cat dances, loud purrs, and loving grooming.

When I passed Colin and Salty on the couch the other night, Colin was so happy that he couldn’t stop kneading the blanket they were sitting on.

And, since they’re both my pals, they were more than happy to let me join in for a three-way cuddle.
I didn’t get washed, though.