Cat Sanctuary


Coco is a cat who recently came to RAPS this spring with the same group of 10 cats that brought us Tom Cat, a group left to RAPS out of love from an owner too sick to care for them anymore. The cats were initially placed Val Jones house as a safe haven during the transition period to their new life.

For whatever reason, pretty boy Coco was being picked on by the rest of the cats which was surprising given they all came from the same household.  Coco was quickly moved into the Hill House in the hopes of giving him a fresh start minus his daily browbeating from the Val Jones crowd.  His pen in Hill House was open when we were first introduced, but he was very shy and made his reservations about me quite clear.

Ann describes him as a really sweet cat and even a “head-butter” but at the moment, he would not allow me within 10 feet of him.  Ann assured me that in time I would certainly win him over, he was too social to let fear get in the way for long.

I arrived at the sanctuary the following week and headed straight for Coco determined to get better acquainted. I was met with terrified eyes that seemed to say “oh no, not you again?” Ann encouraged me to try my luck with some treats and sure enough coco overcame his fear for the sake of his stomach and tentatively took the treats from my fingers.  Eventually, the treats were gone and soon I was able to lay my hand on coco without him running away. Slowly but surely, he started to melt under my finger tips and a personal triumph was mine, I had made a new friend.

Photo by Ann