Cat Sanctuary


Coming to RAPS after being trapped at a stray in the UBC area, Claudine is one of those tame-but-timid cats from the back yard of the sanctuary that many people don’t often get a chance to know until they’re brought inside for some manner of medical treatment.

I got to meet Claudine because she caught a cold. Timid as advertised, she initially hid behind the blanket set up as a privacy screen in one corner of her cage, but soon emerged when she realized that a) I wasn’t going to eat her and b) she was going to get to eat the wet food I’d brought in with me.

On a second visit later that evening, I wasn’t as successful in luring her out from behind the curtain, and she made it quite clear she didn’t care for my big camera, but she was more than happy to interact with quiet purrs and rubs.