Cat Sanctuary


Sometimes with the shier kitties, it can take a few tries to find a name that sticks.

For example, this cute mackerel tabby was given a name when she was trapped as a feral kitten, but with no love of humans as a youngster and no medical problems that would put her in a cage where she and med staff would be obliged to get to know one another, that name didn’t get used enough to feel like it really belonged to her. When I met her in the summer of 2010, she still vastly preferred staring at us from a height to having any form of contact, so nobody had gotten close enough to her (literally or figuratively) to bestow a new name. I tried calling her “Saba” in after her mackerel markings, but that one didn’t seem to stick either.

Recently, staff noticed the shy girl had been losing weight and they put her under observation. A sign was put up on the cage door: Claire. Leslie texted me to let me know she’d named a cat after me.

I’d practically given up on making proper friends with this kitty, since she never got past looking at me with resignation and faint horror anytime I tried to pet her. I wonder if Leslie’s giving me a hint to try again… Perhaps sharing a name will encourage a bond. If not, there’s always tuna.

As for the name, let’s hope that three times is the charm.

Claire and Skye