Cat Sanctuary

Cisco (aka Cisco Kid)

We so often hear stories of people who really do mean to come and visit a cat they’ve surrendered or a stray they’ve been feeding, only to find that after not so very much time has passed that life just kind of gets in the way and the need to visit doesn’t seem quite so immediate and pressing anymore.

Given the rather poor ratio of promises to visits we often see, it’s a wonderful thing to come across a story of a person who went above and beyond in visiting as promised.

Cisco, aka Cisco Kid, had been hanging around the yard of a woman named Carol for some time. The little manx cat didn’t seem to belong to anyone and so Carol brought him in to RAPS.

This was in 2004.

Seven years later, Carol still comes every Sunday to visit him and her other faves at the sanctuary. Promise kept? I think so!