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Choosing a Laptop

So you’re thinking about getting a new laptop? What’s important to you? Weight? Flexibility? User-friendly? There are so many models from which you can choose – and they’re all at the Cat Sanctuary!

The Single-Wide lapful (JS)

As the song says (and we all know the pain) – “I can’t right now; I’ve a cat on my lap!” – lap-sitting with a cat is the perfect way of doing nothing and getting all the feels for it! But there are many different styles of lap-sitting.

Magnus says, “Come and sit with me NOW!” (MW)

There are cats like Magnus who climb into your lap and just settle there – no twitching or wriggling – just letting you know that you are now their comfy place, and you are NOT TO MOVE.

Adria LOOOVES lap-time – though it may not be restful (BC)

There are the cats who want to be on your lap, but who wriggle and squirm to make sure they have all your attention; they want petting, but they don’t necessarily want to be held.

Oh, that smile…. (JS)

There are the cats like Roe who are advanced lap-sitters, blissed out by caresses, even allowing belly-rubs – and who will happily hog all your time. Roe is jealous if anyone else gets Justin’s attention before her.

L: “Can I come up now?” Bossanova is needy (KN), R: Cuddles with Jasmine need planning (KN)

There are the lap-standers – they want to be up, but they don’t want to relax. Our sweet late Sara Lee was another lap-stander – and even when old and creaky, made determined efforts to struggle into volunteers laps at coffee time, though without ever settling. Bossanova can be coaxed into lying down with a bit of a belly-rub.

There are the cats with whom it’s wise to have a towel as padding – our leaky manx cats are loving and seek attention, but plan ahead to protect your clothing!

L: Sitting VERY still with JJ (BC), R: KitKat is less interested in laps (JS)

There are the cats who leap for your lap, but who do NOT want much in the way of touch! At coffee time, the human frozen postures tell who has JJ or Sophie sitting on them – both girls are reactive around hands, and stillness is appreciated.

For some, laps are less an attraction than shoulders – KitKat is a determined shoulder-sitter!

For others, the idea of the lap is nice, but they don’t actually want to be on it. Huey likes it best when he can sit on the couch beside you, and keep a possessive paw on you lap so that nobody else will claim it.

L: Huey doesn’t want Daphne to move (DJ), R: Elvis leads the lap-loading – Selena and Bear want in on it as well (BC)

And for cats like Elvis, the lap is only the foundation to get as high on the chest as possible, so that he can gaze into your eyes, put his paws around your neck, and tell you how much he loves you.


Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult, Melanie Draper, Daphne Jorgenson, Karen Nicholson, Justin Saint, Michele Wright
Featured Image: “Bill loves lap-time” by Melanie Draper