Cat Sanctuary

Chi Chi

Chi Chi had been living with his people for over ten years. When they couldn’t keep him anymore, they gave him to a friend. It seems that the friend didn’t want him in the end, and surrendered him to the RAPS No. 5 Rd. shelter.

All this time, Chi Chi had never been neutered. And when he arrived at RAPS, his long fur was so matted that he had to be shaved. All around, he’s not had what a cat would consider a fun time of it since he arrived, and as a result can be a little grouchy at times. The staff at 5 Rd. didn’t think they’d have much luck adopting him out, and so he was brought to live in the “Gericatrics” building at the cat sanctuary.

Meeting him, it’s clear that he’ll be a very handsome boy when his fur grows out. He also has the makings of a very nice boy, though at present it’s best to stick to the few pets he enjoys before he’s decided he’s had enough unless you want to earn yourself a curt little nip or a light smack.