Cat Sanctuary


I’d heard of and even seen friendly white Casper many times before I finally got a chance to meet him properly and spend little time one-on-one.

He turns out to be a lovely boy, just as advertised.

When I asked Leslie how he came to RAPS, this is what she told me:

Casper lived in a townhouse complex with another fellow we loved, black and white¬†Jake. When the couple they lived with had a baby, they started putting the cats outside and one of their neighbours, a RAPS volunteer, got to know them. One day, the neighbour realized that the cats weren’t around anymore, and learned that they’d been given to the SPCA. He was very concerned that the cats might get euthanized if they weren’t adopted, so he paid their adoption fee and then brought them to us.

Casper has settled into sanctuary life very well, and loves interacting with visitors. I didn’t have any treats with me, but I hear that he loves these as well.

The biggest thing I noticed as I was visiting with him is how unselfconscious he is in his expressions of joy. He strained forward, toes over the edge of the shelf he was standing on, eager to reduce the distance between him and cuddles. When I patted him and tickled his chin, he totally gave himself over to just enjoying the moment.

For anyone who hasn’t yet had the pleasure of a visit with Casper, I heartily recommend it!