Cat Sanctuary


It was just before feeding time when I decided to drop in to one of the back pens and introduce myself to some new-to-me cats. While most of the cats were milling around expecting me to drop some chicken and liver pate, I disappointed them all by offering nothing but affection and the chance to shine in front of the camera. All the while, a large black and white cat who I later learned was called Capilano watched on from a corner of the pen.

It would be hard to miss Capilano as he is a rather round cat with a sort of God-father-esque demeanour.  A small collection of cats positioned themselves around him after they finished with their dinners.  One cat Katie seemed particularly attached to Capilano, following him around and sitting next to him when she could.

Athena, Katie and Capilano


Capilano and Katie
Capilano came to the sanctuary approximately two years ago with a group if #5 road cats.  He initially was placed in another part of the sanctuary but refused to come out from behind his towel curtain and hissed ferociously anytime anyone came near.  It seems as though he was having a miserable time.  Evidently, hissing and hiding don’t burn many calories as Capilano put a lot of weight on during this time.  Eventually he was moved to the back pens where he begun to come out of his shell and interact with his pen-mates.

Although he still isn’t much interested in people he does look quite content with his cat buddies.  It is interesting to see how a change in environment can change a cat’s manner.  From ferocious hissing to tolerating a photo-op, I have to wonder how well we think we know cats sometimes and how different they might be in the right circumstances.