Cat Sanctuary


So often when I meet a friendly cat who’s new to me but not new to RAPS, I wonder how I managed to miss him or her before. I suppose it’s at least partly because there are hundreds of cats at the sanctuary. And, while we do have a number of particularly outgoing residents who will insist that you know them, a lot of the cats don’t like to presume. This means that for more than a few cats, the only way to find out if they’re friendly is to approach one that’s sitting in a box or perched on a shelf, stop, smile, and try to reach out and touch. As an approach it’s not without some risk… However, it’s sometimes the only way to make the acquaintance of some of our less pushy residents.

I met Candy on Monday night, a pretty little brownish-black cat relaxing in a box that had once held peaches. She first caught my eye because of the distinctive speckling of white on her chest. I went in for a patting attempt, to which Candy responded with great pleasure. We were both delighted to make a new friend.