Cat Sanctuary


Despite the feminine name, Cagney is actually a male cat who found his own way to RAPS in search of a reliable meal ticket. Cagney hung out in the parking lot by the food bowls and eventually allowed himself to be caught and brought inside the chain link walls of the sanctuary. He seemed to understand that by sticking close to people there just might be something to gain, so he tried his luck at RAPS. Smart kitty; he hit the jackpot when he found the sanctuary was chock-a-block full of adoring people and food bowls every three feet.

Although Cagney has been a resident for a while now, he has yet to lose his feral ways. Refusing to allow me within 10 feet of him, he would scamper away if I got too close safely maintaining his comfort barrier. When the treats arrived however, he decided to close that comfort barrier to finger sniffing distance, but that was about it. Although still a shy guy, Leslie tells me that Cagney appears to be very happy to be a resident of our kitty paradise and has adjusted well to life at the sanctuary.

So where did the female name come from? Leslie told me an interesting fact about cats that come on their own accord seeking shelter and food from us – they are all named after detectives owing to their excellent sleuthing skills. Cagney of course, is named after the 80’s TV show Cagney and Lacey. How he ended up with a female name I do not know but I’m guessing that Cagney wasn’t likely going to let us check under the hood to confirm such matters without at least a few romantic dinners first.

As I watched Cagney, Doug pulled out his laser and Cagney got busy chasing the quick green light across the pavement. He had almost forgotten his wary and watchful self and allowed Leslie one quick pet until Tom Cat came along and smacked Cagney in the head which of course sent him running for cover, guard back up as usual.