Cat Sanctuary


Butterbean is one of the newest arrivals to the RAPS sanctuary.

He’s thought to be around 12 years old and has the unfortunate distinction of being FIV positive and having feline leukemia. Luckily, RAPS has the facilities to care for FIV and leukemia cats.

Despite the double health whammy, Butterbean immediately showed himself to be a complete sweetheart. Even when Leslie had to bathe him on his arrival at the sanctuary, he gave her no trouble at all. And, far from holding post-bath grudges, he was so happy to cuddle with her when she introduced me to him a short time after that it was all I could do to get a photo with all his moving around.

I think it’s safe to say that this boy’s already secured himself a spot as a favourite of more than a few volunteers and members of sanctuary staff.