Cat Sanctuary


I was a little nervous about meeting Buster after reading the sign on the door to his private, no-other-cats-allowed room at the sanctuary: “very upset, aggressive 10-year-old male.” Many cats are upset to find themselves suddenly in a shelter, but it seems that Buster had the aggression before that — it was the reason he was surrendered.

Fortunately, another note has been added to the sign on Buster’s door, saying that he can be nice and does enjoy a few pats…. provided they’re just around his head and not done for too long.

He did indeed enjoy a few pats from me and purred when I held out my hand for him to rub his face against. I wasn’t sure what he’d think of my big camera, so to be safe I held it out for him to inspect before trying to take his photo. He responded by rubbing his face against the lens while continuing to purr.

Apparently he doesn’t much like the smell of other cats on his visitors. I was a bit nervous, then, when he hopped down from his bed, and started sniffing my ankles and feet with great intensity. Luckily, he wasn’t overly offended by whoever he smelled there, and so I was spared the angry growling.