Cat Sanctuary


A visitor who sees Bunny scamper across the tops of the cages may come to the conclusion that her name is meant to evoke an affinity to rabbits. Interestingly, this is not so. Her name comes from a bakery, Bunsmaster Bakery, to be exact, where she was found. She doesn’t have any teeth at all, something Marianne says is thought to be “a result of an early diet of bread scraps.” This doesn’t appear to cramp her style, but does feel very odd if she decides to bestow a few love bites!

“She started out quite shy, but never scary or hissy. She now loves being petted and will even come begging for attention by rubbing up against anyone sitting down near her. Once you start petting her, she does a little dance with her front paws – the ‘Bunny Boogie.'”

You’ll find this cute little tortie girl hanging out in the double wide, the tea room or the back courtyard.

Updated June 7, 2011: We sadly lost Bunny yesterday. She’d been feeling poorly lately and her most recent trip to the vet revealed a tumor growing so rapidly that it hadn’t been visible in her last x-ray only two weeks prior.