Cat Sanctuary

Bunnies’ new summer home

Now that the weather’s finally turned warm and spring-like, the sanctuary bunnies Kris and Kringle were moved to their rabbit run outside where they can enjoy fresh air and a little exercise. This year, they have a brand new, beautiful rabbit hutch to enjoy.




I photographed them within half an hour of their introduction to this new space. Kris hopped up into the hutch readily enough, but decided to take further exploring slowly. Kringle was soon exploring underneath and, before long, emerged from there to excitedly scamper and hop around the run.

As with last year, the FIV cats were fascinated by their new neighbors. Baxter was once again among the first to check them out, but this year it was Arnie who decided to conduct the first full inspection. He was thorough.


… very thorough.

Later on, we caught him trying reaching his paw as far through the fence as he could. Whether he was trying to touch one of the bunnies or just steal their treats was unclear. Either way, Kris and Kringle are too used to cats hanging around their cage to pay this cheeky one any mind.