Cat Sanctuary


Buddy is a friendly cat I met in the New AIDS house while “interviewing” another cat for a post.  Buddy was insistent on getting some attention from me; he stood on the back of the chair I was sitting in and rubbed his face repeatedly in my hair and occasionally bonking me in the head with his own head. Still not getting my undivided attention, he used his paw and tentatively reached for my cheek as though making like he was going to grab my face and pull it towards him.  Thankfully, as his claws are razor sharp, he restrained himself gave me just a gentle pat on my cheek.  Finally I gave in to his demands and lavished him with all the love he wanted and he rewarded me with a very loud and appreciative purr and some more head buts.


Buddy hangin’ with his buds RileyFergus and Tarantino